Betting on sport is one of the most popular forms of gambling all over the world. The internet has ensured that a bet on a sports competition is a lot less complicated than it once was, but it can still be confusing for people trying it for the first time. In these articles we will show you around the world of sports betting. We use English terminology because most websites use it as well.

Different sports have different gambling systems

Different sports have different gambling systems. In some cases there are only two options: “win” or “lose”, but there are many sports betting that would like to make it more complicated. Make sure you know the specific rules for the sport you are gambling on. For basketball and baseball, for example, there is often a “spread” or a spread between the number of points that different teams have to achieve. There is then a certain “handicap” of one team towards the other. In the case of a positive handicap, this means that a team has to win a certain margin before it registers as a real “win” in the betting offices. If you place your money on team A and team A has a positive handicap of 5 points, team A must win at least 5 points, otherwise it counts as a win for the other team. That may sound crazy and even unfair, but it is quite logical, because it helps to make the odds more equal to the gamblers. For example, you can make a competition in which the two teams clearly differ from level to make it interesting for the gamblers. You can win when your team loses with a score that lies within the margin.

It goes without saying that you have to take proper account of the “spread” of the teams when you bet on sports that work with disabilities. Usually this is only done in sports where the points are high, such as baseball and basketball. In a football match, you are less likely to encounter disabilities. Always keep an eye on the disability, otherwise you will be disappointed. There is a lot of research in advance to guarantee the right disability. Often extensive research is carried out into the past of the teams or the racers, but other environmental factors play a part: if it concerns horse races, then there may be horses that perform better in heavy rainfall. For team sports, factors such as team morale are also very important, the players are in shape, what have they achieved in the past period, what is the history when they play against a certain team. There are countless factors that you have to take into account when betting on sports events.

If you really want to be good at betting on sports, you can go into all these things, but pay attention, because even with the best research in the world, it remains a game of chance.