You play poker with 2 to a maximum of 10 players. At the beginning of the game all players get two cards that they are not allowed to show to the others. Poker is played with 52 cards, so one pack of cards. The game can now start, after several actions, everyone has 7 cards in his possession (5 cards on the table for everyone and two cards in hand), except for the players who dropped out during bidding. The 7 cards are needed to determine who ultimately has the best combination and is therefore the winner. The intention is to show the best 5 of the 7 cards you have. If you happen to have that best combination, you can remove the poker chips from the table and add them to your own stack.

Hand ranking

Your chance in a variety of ways to make a hand (combination), you already know that the one with the best hand, the winner. Below you can see the different hand strengths, as you can see, the Royal Flush is the strongest card combination you can make, it is a street of cards (5 in a row) in the same color and sign (suited). You notice that occasionally English terms pass by, which is not surprising because poker is a card game that has its origins in America. You learn the terms automatically, do not worry too much about it now.

You see next to the 10 hand combinations that are possible in poker, the highest hand you can get is the aforementioned Royal Flush, through Full House, Straight, Three of a Kind and the Pairs we reach the lowest possible poker hand, the High Card. With this combination you have 5 different cards in your hand that in no way have an ensemble. You understand that the chance of the Flush is much lower than for example a Two Pair, the more difficult it is to make a combination, the higher the value of that combination.

In poker you win if you have the best hand at the end of the round. Very often it happens that players lose weight during the bidding rounds, you will see that often only one or two players are still in the pot when the cards have to be shown (showdown). High stakes and bluffing ensure that players drop out early. Below we tell you how the game continues after receiving the first two cards (hole cards), as you now know, a good starting hand is of great importance for the win.

The game can begin.

First, it is determined who the dealer is, after each round the player who is left after the dealer is the new dealer and that’s how it goes. If there is a fixed dealer, you can see who is at the dealership by means of the dealer button. If you start playing, it should be clear what the bets are, the limits at the table determine the height of the first bets. At No Limit poker players can bet unlimited, at Limit poker there is a limit to the bet, above the maximum can not be used. The latter way is safer for inexperienced players because you can not lose all your poker chips in one go.

In poker, every round consists of a fixed pattern

The Blinds are put

The two players who are left of the dealer now ensure that there is an amount in the pot. They set a pre-agreed amount. The player next to the dealer (Small Blind) bets half of the amount and the second player (Big Blind) the full amount of the limits. These limits are often indicated as 20/40 or 100/200, so you can immediately read what both players lost at that moment.

First betting round is a fact

The third player from the dealer, he who is next to the Big Blind, is the first to make an action. There are 3 choices for him: Call, Raise or Fold. Call means that you are going to play against the same amount of the last person to bet, in this case the Big Blind. At Raisen the amount is at least doubled and at Fold stop the player with these rounds. So if you do not need Fold, you do not have to make a bet and it costs you nothing.

The Flop and the 2nd betting round of the game

The dealer now provides three open cards on the table, we call this De Flop. For the remaining players there are again a number of choices to make. In addition to Call, Raise or Re-raise (increasing Raise of the predecessor) you now also have the option to check. Checking is only possible when nothing has been used during the Flop. If a bet has been made, you can Callen, Raisen, Re-raise or Fold.

The Turn, the 4th card is on the table

The dealer will now place the next playing card on the table, the Turn. With the submission of this 4th card, bidding starts again.

The River and final betting round

Now the dealer brings the 5th and last card on the table. This is the River, again the bidding begins. When the last player has made his bets, the cards are shown (Showdown). Winner is the one with the highest card combination. This round is over and the players are preparing for another chance.